Sophie's Playground

Mt. Pleasant Church

2011 Benefactor


Sophie's Six Scholarship Project --  a project that provides scholarships to students choosing a career in counseling. 

Camp Koala

2012 and 2013 Benefactor

2012- $6000

2013- $4000

This playground at Mt. Pleasant Church is named in honor of Sophie.  It was constructed in 2013 by the members of the church.

Sophie's Six Scholarship Project

2017 Benefactor

Drew’s Hope is a free grief and loss support program offered each fall and spring for children, teens and their families who are grieving the death of a loved one (family member or friend).

The Sophie's Six Scholarship Project continues to provide scholarships to students both at Chambersburg Areas Senior High School and Wilson College.

Creation of Sophie's Six Scholarship Project

2015 Benefactor

The Sophie’s Six Scholarship Project provides educational scholarships to students at Chambersburg Areas Senior High School and Wilson College who intends to pursue a career in counseling.  The scholarship will be awarded to exemplary students who can demonstrate their personal aspirations for this chosen area of study.

Each camper is paired with an adult Big Buddy for the entire weekend.  Our volunteer staff includes an on-site nurse (RN), counselors, therapists and adult buddies, many who have also lost family members. Some of our 'Bigs' are counselors from other bereavement camps, and love the experience of coming to camps like ours. It's not a sad place, but a place of healing and memory making. That's why volunteers come back year after year.


Camp Koala and Drew's Hope

2014 Benefactors

Camp Koala- $2000

Drew's Hope-$2000

Sophie's Six Scholarship Project

2016 Benefactor